Your secret gaming coach


World's first wearable that optimizes your gaming Vision, Body and Mind.

Attach it to your headset or glasses.

Ideal for gamers who want to monitor and improve their game:

  • Screen setup
  • Blue light exposure
  • Vision
  • Posture and body positioning
  • Circadian rhythm and more
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Track what matters

Simply attach Scouter to your headset or glasses, calibrate with the app and you're good to go.

Monitor your Vision, Body and Mind.

  • Vision

    ✓ Continuously Measures Lighting Conditions

    ✓ Continuously Measures Screen Distance

  • Body

    ✓ Head Angle and Movement Tracking

    ✓ Encourages Active Breaks

  • Mind

    ✓ Blue Light Analysis

    ✓ Encourages Healthy Habits

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Personalized coaching based on data

Use Scouter companion app and deep-dive into your data.
No other wearable gives you a more comprehensive look at your gaming key performance data, and helps you understand what to do with it.

No camera, microphone or location tracking.
  • Explore your personal dashboard and monitor your overal Health Bar, device battery and your Vision score.

  • Deep-dive into your activity and into your Vision, Body and Mind scores and recommendations.

  • Compare your historical performance and track your improvements over time.

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Monitor vision for a Better Shot.


Gamer's vision can be impacted due to uninterrupted focusing on the screen and light exposure.

Vivior's patented technology allows you to check your light levels, eye strain, and the overall orientation of your setup. It gives you recommendations for improving your gaming setup for a better shot.

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Peak Posture = Peak Performance.


Long-term gaming impacts your body due to extended periods of inactivity in sitting position, especially if that position is not optimal. 

Vivior's sensors can monitor your posture, screen setup, neck tension and setup direction and suggest recommendations for improvements through our companion app. Peak performance requires peak posture.

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For Gamers Who Dream Big


Gamer's mind and wellness can be impacted by disruption in circadian clock and mood with unnatural light exposure.

Scouter monitors your exposure to blue light, your lighting setup and your long-term screen exposure. Our companion app shows your score and recommendations for improvements so you can game better and dream big.

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Backed by the Best

Gamers supporting Vivior 4Sight's vision.


    Call of Duty League Player for OpTic Texas and OpTic Gaming.


    YouTuber, Twitch Partner, Complexity Gaming Content Creator.


    Twitch Streamer & YouTube Creator.

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As seen at DreamHack Dallas

See our early prototype used by the Complexity team at DreamHack Dallas in June 2023.