About us


We are a  Swiss digital health start-up founded in 2017 by leading vision care and wearable technology experts. Our cutting edge technology is being used by vision care conglomerates to better understand the vision needs of consumers. Our wearable device collects objective data to analyze digital workplace activities and improve users visual comfort and well-being by using AI.


Ninja is an iconic figure in the world of gaming. With a gaming journey that started as a professional Halo player, he gained a significant impact on the world of esports and online entertainment through his remarkable gaming skills, streaming contents and inspirational messages.

Our Uniting Vision: 4SIGHT!

Ninja and Vivior have teamed up to develop 4SIGHT! Ninja knows from his career as a professional gamer and streamer that long sessions of gaming or streaming can have long-term effects on your focus, mood, vision, and overall health & wellbeing.

That’s where 4SIGHT comes in, 4SIGHT is our gamified health & wellness platform that rewards gamers for staying active and healthy and participating in wellness challenges and missions. 

Our mission with 4SIGHT is to help gamers understand the negative effects that long sessions of inactivity can have and incentivize gamers to combat this by rewarding them for healthy habits.