Meet Vivior Scouter

World's first wearable that optimizes your Vision, Body and Mind.

Ideal for gamers and high-performing professionals who want to monitor their screen setup, vision, posture and more.

Why do you need one?

Long sessions of gaming or streaming can cause digital eye strain, neck pain, sleepless nights and have long-term effects on your focus, mood, vision, and overall well-being.

The Scouter uses sensors to help you understand how your habits affect your wellbeing, providing you with the information to optimize across 3 main areas: Vision, Body, Mind.

  • Vision

    ✓ Continuously Measures Lighting Conditions

    ✓ Continuously Measures Screen Distance

  • Body

    ✓ Head Angle and Movement Tracking

    ✓ Encourages Active Breaks

  • Mind

    ✓ Blue Light Analysis

    ✓ Encourages Healthy Habits

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Who are Vivior?

Our mission is to improve the health of gamers and high perfoming professionals by rewarding healthy habits. We gamify healthy living, challenging and rewarding gamers and high performers to take small steps towards healthy living.

Vivior Icons

The 4SIGHT ICONS are champions in their respective fields and champions of health & wellness. Maddynf, Shotzzy, and Zemie are great advocates in our mission to improve the health of gamers.


    Twitch Streamer & YouTube Creator.


    YouTuber, Twitch Partner, Complexity Gaming Content Creator.


    Call of Duty League Player for OpTic Texas and OpTic Gaming.

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