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Our mission is to improve the health of gamers by rewarding healthy habits. We gamify healthy living, challenging and rewarding gamers to take small steps towards healthy living.

  • Optimize your health

  • Feel Better

  • Play Better + Perform Better

  • Product of Ninja Labs

    "I’ve always worked to be the best player I can be, which requires more than just practice at the games I love to play, and play to win. It’s a fact that wellness impacts performance, so I’m hyped to help current and future gamers be the best they can be through Vivior 4SIGHT.”


    Developed in partnership with Founder of Ninja Labs, 2x Streamer Of The Year, and Chief Innovation Officer of Gamesquare, Ninja and his team at Ninja Labs.

4SIGHT Icons

The 4SIGHT ICONS are champions in their respective fields and champions of health & wellness. Maddynf, Shotzzy, and Zemie are great advocates in our mission to improve the health of gamers.


    Twitch Streamer & YouTube Creator.


    YouTuber, Twitch Partner, Complexity Gaming Content Creator.


    Call of Duty League Player for OpTic Texas and OpTic Gaming.

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What is Vivior 4SIGHT

4SIGHT is your hub for gamer wellness. If you improve your health, you will improve your game.

Join 4SIGHT with Ninja, Maddynf, Shotzzy, and Zemie and get rewarded for healthy habits!

Join the Wellness Challenge
  • Enter wellness challenges

  • Connect your wearable devices

  • Earn points for healthy behaviors

  • Upgrade your membership to turbo charge your points

Coming Soon: Vivior SCOUTER

The Vivior SCOUTER is a health & wellness device being developed in collaboration between Vivior and the Ninja Labs. Long sessions of gaming or streaming can cause digital eye strain and have long-term effects on your focus, mood, vision, and overall well-being. The Scouter uses sensors to help you understand how your habits affect your health, providing you with the information to optimize your health to feel better, perform better, and play better.

What is Vivior SCOUTER?

The Vivior SCOUTER is a light and compact wearable device that can be fixed on the arm of your glasses or a gaming headset.

✅︎ Analyzes and tracks the environmental and behavioral factors contributing to digital eye strain

✅︎ Uses sensor to help you understand how habits can affect your wellbeing

✅︎ Gives you instructions to optimize your gaming setup and helps you to improve your performance and wellness

✅︎ Engages you to reduce the risks of screen exposure for body, vision and mind.

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